E-Cigarettes – The Stats Behind These Useful Cigarette Replacement Tools

E-Cigarettes – The Stats Behind These Useful Cigarette Replacement Tools

Sometimes you’ll see a new product enter the market and you’ll instantly recognize the familiar feel of a carbon copy. Other times, brand new products come along that completely blow a hole in their competitor’s sides in terms of innovation and design. In this instance, E-cigarettes are the latter! Having converted thousands upon thousands of people (even those that have been traditional cigarette smokers for almost their entire lives) to their corner, they’ve been sold in their millions worldwide and boast a great range of health benefits to boot. From a complete removal of the risk of second hand smoke to reducing the risk of lung disease, cancer and other smoke-related medical conditions, these bad boys are definitely here to stay. But what have they actually done so far?


You might be surprised to hear that although E-cigarettes were officially released in 2004 by their Pharmacist creator Hon Lik, their manufacture actually dates back to the early 1960’s. Some conspiracy theorists state that cigarette manufacturers didn’t quite fancy this sort of competition, especially with the business boom of the late 60’s, so they opted to play a role in keeping the new product under wraps. As soon as the patent was approved in 2003, Hon Lik introduced them and since then over one-fifth of the smoking population have either tried or turned to e-cigarettes full time.

During a recent study held by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, 222 people were trialled over the space of one month. These people were introduced to e-cigarettes at GenGreenlife and asked to replace their regular habit to see how they’d feel in the space of four weeks. The results were quite extraordinary, with almost 32% of the original subjects never returning to regular cigarettes! This included smokers that had been involved with the habit for anywhere between one and thirty years.

For those that were severely addicted to nicotine and felt the need to use their e-cigarette at least twenty times a day, almost 70% of them gave up their habit entirely by the end of a six-month period. What’s even more shocking is that almost 35% of the original 70% had actually stopped smoking well before the six-month review was defined. So all in all, not only have E-cigarettes had an active role in reducing the cravings for regular cigarettes (which contain far more harmful toxins and chemicals than e-cigarettes overall), but they are also a fantastic tool to assist with quitting smoking for good, even if you’ve been a smoker with decades of the habit under your belt.

Unfortunately once people are addicted to nicotine it’s not always an easy train to jump off of.¬† When compared to other ‘quit-smoking’ products like nicotine gum and patches, which have as little as an 8% success rate, e-cigarettes are definitely one of the leading products for smokers of all experiences. With a success rate of almost 32% and the majority of that number turning away from cigarette smoking entirely (a small percentage staying with e-cigarettes as a viable option), it’s no wonder that they’re considered one of the greatest ways to rehabilitate yourself!

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